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Ohio Society of Health-System PharmacY

Legislative Affairs Division

How is our division structured and how do we advocate?

Within our division we have two main committees which work in tandem to further our advocacy efforts, the OSHP Platform Committee and the OSHP Legislative Communication Committee. These committees are made up of various division members operating under the direction of the division director and director elect.

2022-2023 OSHP Legislative Affairs Division Leadership

Division Director: Daniel Arendt Pharm.D., BCPS

Division Director Elect: Girish Kaimal Pharm.D., MS, MBA

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Committee Information:

The OSHP Platform Committee works to establish our organizational positions on a variety of issues that impact the world of health-system pharmacy. When new legislation is introduced that isn't clearly aligned with or aligned against our position, the committee will work to update our organizational positions by working with our members and content experts and then gaining approval from the organizations board of directors.

The OSHP Legislative Communication Committee will be responsible for informing our members of policy updates and for ensuring an open line of communication between our members and our division leadership. Members will be able to share their concerns and potential areas of legislative need that they would like our organization to address.

The communication committee will then work in tandem with the platform committee to inform our positions and work to develop our advocacy plans to support or oppose legislation as needed. Learn more about each individual committee and learn about how you can get involved with our advocacy efforts below!

The OSHP Platform Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Ohio Society of Health System Pharmacist's (OSHP) Legislative Platform is to support the OSHP mission, that is, to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the healthcare continuum.  The Platform will serve to proactively structure positioning for, and priorities of health system pharmacists licensed and practicing in the State of Ohio.  The Platform also establishes the foundation for advocacy efforts with the Legislative branches of the State of Ohio and the U.S. Government, and with the Regulatory branches of the State of Ohio. 

Process:  Key legislative issues identified within the Platform by the Legal Affairs Division will be updated annually (at minimum) by the OSHP Legislative Platform Committee and approved by the OSHP Board of Directors.  Collaborative action determined by the Legal Affairs Division will be undertaken engaging subject matter experts within the organization and across professional organizations within the State of Ohio and nationally.  These issues will be communicated to membership through the OSHP Legislative Communication Committee. 

The OSHP Legislative Communication Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Ohio Society of Health System Pharmacist's (OSHP) Legislative Communication Committee is to empower our members by providing them with the knowledge and resources to advocate for themselves, their patients and their profession. The committee will serve our membership by improving communication between our division leadership and our members as it pertains to key legislative issues and policies that impact the practice of pharmacy in Ohio and beyond. The committee will additionally serve as a receiving board for suggestions and calls for advocacy from our members, allowing each member to bring policy issues that they are facing to the foreground of OSHP's advocacy efforts, providing each member of OSHP with the ability to garner support from the organization as a whole.

Process:  Key legislative issues identified by the Platform committee will be shared with our general membership via the OSHP Newsletter, legal affairs division updates, division day meetings and more. Updates will include information about the issues themselves, an explanation of where OSHP stands based upon the work of the OSHP Platform committee, as well as support and guidance to help our membership get involved and contact their representatives effectively. 

What are OSHP's Platform Positions?

Positions:  OSHP, in general, is supportive of legislative and regulatory issues that support the….
  • advancement of pharmacist’s scope of practice, in line with our full scope of licensure
  • advancement of technician’s scope of practice, in line with our full scope of licensure
  • recognition of pharmacists as medical providers
  • credentialing and privileging of pharmacists
  • increased accessibility / affordability of...

    • medication therapy
    • pharmacy services
    • harm reduction products and services
  • safe and effective use of medication
    • this includes medical marijuana in the State of Ohio
  • federal legalization of medical marijuana
  • advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our profession and beyond

Read some of our historical position statements here: Historical Position Statements

How can you get involved?

Enhancing your Advocacy

Resources and tools to help you advocate for yourself, your profession and your patients. We at OSHP believe that there is power in the individual, whether you want to advocate with all of OSHP or pursue an advocacy issue on your own, we want to give you the tools you need in order to be successful.

Current Legislative Issues

As pharmacists, we have many different responsibilities, keeping track of every new piece of legislation that can impact us however, is just not feasible. Let us do some of the work for you! Here at OSHP we have a variety of resources designed to keep you up to date with everything going on in the world of pharmacy legislation. Get updated here and if there is something we don't have here, let us know!

Calls for Advocacy Support

No one knows the issues impacting you and your patients more than you do. If there is an issue or a policy that you feel OSHP should be advocating for or against, let us know below. These calls will go directly to our legislative communication committee and they will work with our platform committee to determine the best course of action.

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"The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum