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Ohio Society of Health-System PharmacY


    OSHP is the organization in Ohio representing pharmacists, students, technicians, and associates with an interest in health-system pharmacy practice. Our goals are to enhance education, advocacy, professional guidance, recognition, and communications within our membership and to the public.

    OSHP members, this site was created with you in mind to inform, to allow you to create and maintain an accurate and informative profile, and to connect with your fellow members. 


    OUR MISSION is to support its members by advocating for the pharmacy profession and promoting safe and appropriate medication use.

    OSHP and your LOCAL AFFILIATED CHAPTER (LAC) offer ongoing support for the continuing development of your pharmacy practice through: 

    - Focus on Ohio Pharmacy practice
    - Continuing Education programs
    - Legislation tracking, testimony and newsletter updates

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     Membership Spotlight: Hirut T. Akalu

    How long have you worked in your current job and how long in pharmacy over all?  

    I recently transitioned into a new role, but overall, I have been in the pharmacy field going on 9 years.

    What you do in your role as a pharmacy technician at UCMC?:

    I am one of the Inpatient Pharmacy Technician Supervisors. In my role I ensure successful onboarding, training, and retention; provide feedback and accountability; and identify growth opportunities for the in-patient pharmacy technicians.

    Opportunities you have been exposed to at UCMC for advanced training and where you see the future of pharmacy technicians going: (ex: iv room, chemo-therapy trained, OR-pharmacy trained, specialist roles, teaching roles, pharmacy buyer, managerial roles, etc.) 

    As a pharmacy technician at UCMC, I have been fortunate to receive advanced training in IV's, TPN's, Chemotherapy, and Neonatal preparations. As a result, my training allowed me to staff in specialized areas such as the OR Pharmacy. I have also had a couple of unique opportunities at UCMC. The first was working for the NIH StrokeNet Central Pharmacy through UCMC's Investigational Pharmacy. The other is sitting as the first Pharmacy Technician Chair for the Pharmacy Process Improvement Committee. These opportunities have shaped how I practice as a technician.

    Where I see the future of pharmacy technicians going- We are in a new age for Pharmacy Technicians. We are being called upon to step into new roles with more opportunities for career advancement in previously uncharted territory. Rightfully so, we are leaned on now to help address the evolving health care system demands. With the infinite opportunities for technicians ahead, I see us breaking many glass ceilings by demonstrating what vital assets we are to the healthcare field.

    How you are involved at the State Level (OSHP):

    I just reached my 1st year anniversary date with OSHP. In my 1st year, I have frequently utilized the legislative updates and newsletters as information points and provided feedback for the recent policy review for the House of Delegates. I hope to further my involvement as a technician member in a leadership role in the years to come. 

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    About the association

    "The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum