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Gender Affirming Care - Educational Simulation

An educational, transgender healthcare simulation has been developed via collaboration with the UC Colleges of Medicine and Nursing and is now available online for anyone to access and take. The simulation features Crysta Epps, a transgender woman. Crysta is seeking healthcare after being without a PCP for a few years, she is seeing a new PCP today who will assess her health needs and develop a plan of care. During the simulation, participants will view the simulation from both Crysta and her providers perspective.

This info and simulation is valuable education/training and it is particularly relevant currently as Ohio (and a number of other states) have recently seen bills introduced which would ban youth access to these same gender affirming therapies. By working through this 10-15 minute simulation, you learn a bit more about what these patients experience/go through, what treatment options are available, and you also get connected directly to real world provider guides that help you identify accessible care providers all across Ohio. 

The simulation is also being studied to evaluate its impact, as such there is a pre and post survey available as well as the specific interactive simulation. The links for all 3 sections are included below.

Click Here for the Pre-Simulation Survey: Pre-Simulation Survey

Click Here for the Simulation: Interactive Simulation

Click Here for the Post-Simulation Survey: Post-Simulation Survey

If you are interested in other DEI resources, please check out ASHP's Inclusion Center, found here.

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