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Ohio Society of Health-System PharmacY

House Bill 73 - Off Label Medications: OSHP Opposes

Read OSHP's Opposition Testimony here: OSHP HB73 Opposition Testimony (8-30-23).pdf


We are asking you, (yes, you as an individualto submit written testimony for the upcoming meeting of the Senate Health Committee. We are also asking you to encourage your patients, your friends/families, and your colleagues to submit written testimony as well. To do this, we have created a toolkit that will help make the process of writing personal, and effective testimony as easy as possible. We will also be here, to help you and answer questions any step of the way.

Step 1: Utilize the toolkits below to write testimony for the Senate Health Committee

Step 2: Fill out the “Fillable PDF for Verbal and Written Testimony” to be sent in alongside your testimony

Step 3: Email the committee clerk and attach your testimony and your filled out PDF

HB73 Opponent Testimony Toolkit for:

Fillable PDF for Verbal and Written Testimony

The toolkit for Pharmacists and OSHP Members mentioned above is to help craft and submit your opponent testimony to HB73 while the Physician and APP PerspectiveConcerned Citizens (non HCPs) toolkits are included so that you can share this request with friends and family who are not in healthcare, as well as with physician and APP colleagues. These versions are modified to include more concerns from their specific perspectives.

Lastly, please be sure to reach out to the government relations department at your hospital/health-system and encourage them to provide live, in-person testimony opposing HB73. While OHA will be delivering in person testimony, the more representation we receive from our individual hospitals/health-systems and other organizations will help ensure that it is clear how unified we are in our opposition.

Thank you for your attentiveness to this matter, thank you in advance for your willingness to submit testimony and for encouraging others to do so as well. Your advocacy is what makes OSHP’s legal impact entirely possible!

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"The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum