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Time for Technicians (#TechnicianTuesday)

8 Oct 2019 12:50 PM | OSHP Admin (Administrator)

Author: Katie McKinney, OSHP President

In each of our departments and facets of practice, we recognize the key roles Pharmacy Technicians play on our teams. During Pharmacy Month, I’d like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to those who chose Pharmacy Technician as their career and recognize a few of those that have shaped my own professional journey.

Thank you to Jim Myers Jr., who introduced me to hospital pharmacy practice as my first trainer. The lessons he imparted for patient safety while sterile compounding resound today. Thank you for teaching best practice when I was first learning preparation and process.

Thank you to Tracy Adkins. Tracy and I worked together during my residency training, where she supported our repackaging service. She taught me foundational aspects and critical thinking associated with inventory management and pharmacy automation. Tracy and I have continued to work together as both our scopes have expanded; it was kismet when our paths crossed again and is such a pleasure to maintain our relationship.

Thank you to the technician leadership within my current practice. With a department mix of approximately 50% technicians and 50% pharmacists, the expansion of practice of technicians within our department and representation on our leadership team has been an area of focus. Thank you to Sue Janson for being one of several technician members of our pharmacy leadership team. Sue’s perspective regarding the evolution of pharmacy practice over her career and experience throughout our department offers meaningful perspective to our team.

Thank you to Crista Parsons, who lead the first Technician Division of OSHP, and Timmi Anne Boesken, the current Technician Division Director. Your leadership and contributions to this organization are invaluable. Thank you for the education and advocacy for the profession for technicians within our state through OSHP. Of note, OSHP is the ONLY professional pharmacy organization in Ohio actively engaging technician members! Please contact Timmi Anne if you or your colleagues have interest in participation and contribution to OSHP’s Technician Division.

As we continue to navigate the regulatory changes regarding technician registration with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and in supporting our technician team members in meeting the training requirements, please remember the resources OSHP offers. OSHP has partnered with the publisher of Pharmacy Technician’s Letter (Therapeutic Research Center). Don’t forget to mention the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists if you leverage the services offered by Pharmacy Technician’s Letter in aligning training modules for your employer-based training program.

Additionally, OSHP support pharmacy technician development through recognition. OSHP annually recognizes one individual as Pharmacy Technician of the Year and our Annual Meeting (May 7 and 8, 2020). Nominations for all of OSHP’s awards will open in November. Support technician contributions, as well as those of many others by nominating your colleagues for an OSHP Award.

The Legal Affairs Division, lead by Garrett Eggers, has initiated conversations regarding tech-check-tech. Registration requirements from the Board of Pharmacy have clearly delineated opportunities for technicians based on registration/certification. Research in states with technician product verification show a lower rate of product selection errors. Please contact Garrett and the Legal Affairs Division if you have thoughts and contributions for the work of this team within our state.

Every pharmacist would be a different practitioner, a practitioner who would be limited in foundational knowledge or recognition of opportunities for improvement in the medication use system, if it weren’t for the insight and collaboration with previous and current technician colleagues. Please extend your Thank Yous to those you have and have had the privilege in collaborating in our professions.

Happy Pharmacy Month!

Happy Pharmacy Technician Day, Tuesday, October 15th!

-Katie McKinney, OSHP President

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