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Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Please check back later for updates on our

Annual Meeting and Residency Showcase dates for 2023!

What is Professional Engagement?

Begin your day hearing from OSHP leaders about professional engagement and the benefits of getting involved in professional pharmacy organizations throughout your career!

Time Management Techniques for Pharmacy Learners

Get advice on how to best manage your time as you face a rigorous pharmacy school curriculum. Learn how to efficiently prioritize your time to set yourself up for success this year and in your career moving forward.

Pharmacy PhORCAS

Learn the ins and outs of the residency application process including Phase I and II of the match process and step-by-step online PhORCAS process including how to upload transcripts, request letters of recommendations, and more!

How to Succeed in IPPE/APPE

Get advice on how to be a top performer on rotations and promote your candidacy for future jobs and residency positions.

Residency & Showcase 101

Programming geared towards students in the earlier professional years that will cover residency training and how to prepare for local and national residency showcases.

Resident and Director Panel

Panel will consist of residency directors/coordinators and residents from around the state prepared to discuss the match process, interview pearls, and answer questions from the audience. Be sure to bring your questions!

What is Medication Safety and Drug Information?

Medication safety and drug information (DI) represent an incredibly important and growing area of pharmacy practice. This session is geared toward defining what a medication safety or DI pharmacist does in their role.

Clinical Skills Competition

The Annual Clinical Skills Competition returns to help prepare Ohio pharmacy students for the national ASHP competition. Schools and colleges of pharmacy will be asked to select two student representatives. Information will be forthcoming separately.

Pharmacy Academic Challenge

The Pharmacy Academic Challenge will return this year with a Jeopardy Bowl! Come watch Ohio Colleges of Pharmacy compete in a collegial tournament consisting of clinical smarts, wit, and patient advocacy.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Review

Students from ALL classes are welcome to sign up for a complimentary CV review conducted by experienced professors, pharmacists, and residents. Students – If you’d like to have your CV reviewed, please submit a Word Document version of your CV using this link: []. Deadline for submissions is September 12th, 2022, and you should receive revisions back by October 31st in time to make changes before the Residency Showcase!

Helpful Tips for Prospective Residents

· Make a good first impression! Dress professionally.

· Prepare a CV for distribution and bring business cards.

· Do your homework. Outline sites you want to visit and familiarize yourself with that site prior to the big day. Certain sites offer several residency programs. Refer to OSHP’s website periodically for registered sites.

· Be respectful of each program’s time. Have your questions prepared in advance.

· If you don’t get the opportunity to speak with every program, ask if anyone from the program is available for further discussion at another time.

About the association

"The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum